Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen and at Trest we are available to assess the damage quickly and provide a cost-effective repair solution. In the case if this Dennis, the manufacturer wanted to fit a new cab which not only had a huge cost but also the vehicle would have been off the road for at least a couple of months. We assessed the damage and provided the insurance with a quote within 24 hrs and 2 weeks later the vehicle was repaired and returned to the customer. In summary we collected the vehicle, removed the relevant cab interior, cut out the bent steel cross member, removed the damaged cab roof, made a new cab cross member which was laser cut and welded in house and then welded into the cab. Once the welding work was complete, we double checked that the cab was square, and test fitted the windscreen. We then fitted a new roof and sent the vehicle to a local paint shop for painting. Once the vehicle was out of paint all the cab interior was refitted along with the windscreen. We fitted new external cab parts which included, mirrors, front bumper, front view camera, one side underrun rail and a rear mudguard. Once all the work was completed a thorough inspection on all the work was carried out and a road test to check that all safety features were working correctly. The vehicle was then delivered back to the customer. All of the above was completed in under 3 weeks and the feedback from the customer was fantastic.