Over Two Decades of Providing the Very Best Refuse Vehicles

A refuse vehicle company you can Trust.  It’s in the name.

Trest may be the Latin term for Trust, but not only is it a catchy name, there’s a reason behind it.

Our founder, Robert Davidson, has over two-decades of business experience with refuse vehicles.  Having worked with Euro Municipal and C.P Davidson & Sons, he now brings his impeccable knowledge and expertise of the waste management industry to Trest.

Founded in 2021, Trest has hit the ground running.  And we believe there’s a few reasons for that.

  • Nothing is too much for our customers.

    At Trest, our team operates like our refuse vehicles: efficient and reliable.

    Utilising the input we receive from employees, customers and suppliers, we listen and make changes. That’s why we’re the top-rated supplier of refuse vehicles. .

  • Our Refuse Vehicles Meet our High Standards.

    Our team members are dedicated to providing the best service to our customers. And we treat our refuse vehicles the same.  

    Well-maintained, safe and ready to put to work. Our team will find the right refuse vehicle for your business needs. 

  • Our Team are Waste Collection Specialists.

    We understand that buying or hiring a refuse truck is a big deal.  That’s why we will match you up with the best refuse vehicle for your business needs.

    We consider capacity, cost, safety features among many other factors.

  • We Care.

    Waste management plays a huge role in the community, keeping the streets clean and our towns tidy.  That’s why we offer only the very best refuse vehicles. 

    But it doesn’t stop at refuse vehicles. We make sure to do right by our customers, employees and suppliers – and of course, the environment.

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Trest’s Commitment to Sustainability

We aim to become carbon neutral.

We use solar panels to power our workspace.

We use ground source heating to heat our offices.

All Company clothing is OCS Certified Organic Cotton (wherever possible).

Video meetings and technology used to minimise car journeys.

Electrically powered vehicles used for local journeys.

Reusable packaging wherever possible.

Suppliers vetted for eco-friendly practices.

We help source used parts and offer eco-friendly vehicle disposal.

Trest’s Commitment to their Stakeholders

Our work means more than Refuse Trucks.  Everyone and anyone who comes into contact with Trest – suppliers, employees, and customers – we want you to have the very best experience.

We want Trest to be a company you can trust.

We have a customer-centric work ethic. Our work revolves around customers, adhering to the philosophy that if customers need assistance, then we are available.

We’re here to help.  We encourage customers to discuss their requirements openly, knowing that we will provide the best advice –  even if it doesn’t favour our business.

We are proactive when resolving issues.  Trest promises to react promptly to any problems, working diligently to find suitable solutions, efficiently. 

We promote a culture of positivity.  We avoid “No’s” and “can’ts” as much as we can.  If we do use these terms, it’s only following a team discussion. We are all in this together, and we do our best to find a solution to every problem.

Our goal is perfection. While we acknowledge perfection can be elusive and constantly changing, Trest believes in adapting and growing to achieve it. 

We want every customer to leave with a smile.  We want every customer to be 100% happy with your service and products and will do what we can to achieve this.

We encourage personal and career development.  Trest fosters an environment where individuals can develop professionally and personally.

We work and celebrate as a team.  Our team has a unified goal at Trest.  We work towards the same objectives and rewards employees who achieve them. 

We always seek to do better.  We are committed to yearly improvements in all aspects of the business, creating a modern and enjoyable working environment..

We value our employees. We encourage employee feedback and strive to implement their suggestions whenever feasible.

We create a supportive environment. We understand there is more to life than work. At Trest, we provide a supportive environment where team members can navigate life’s challenges together, knowing the company has their best interests at heart.

We treat everyone with the same high-level of respect.  Whether you are a customer or employee, or a supplier, we value everyone who interacts with Trest.

We take a partnership approach with our suppliers. The industry works better when we work together. That’s why we emphasise working in partnership with suppliers to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our communication is always open and honest. Trust is the centre-piece of any industry.  At Trest, we build strong and loyal relationships through transparent and honest communications.