Trest is a unique company which aims to continually exceed our customers’ expectations. We are constantly moving the bar and increasing our level of customer service. Our moto is “if it could be better, it should be better”. High standards and attention to detail form a large part of our company values. We aim to be the best we can be in all areas we operate, from how we answer a telephone to how we deliver a vehicle we want to be the best we possibly can be and always welcome criticism. 

We want to listen to our team, our customers, and our suppliers to eventually be the best business supplying vehicles in the waste collection market.  Why be good when you can be great!

Trest focuses on waste collection vehicles and the ancillary pieces of equipment that goes with them. We look at detail that not many others do, and we aim to understand our market to the best of our ability to help us advise our customers correctly. 

Recycling, reusing, and using suppliers from Great Britain is a big driver for Trest. We aim to repair as much as possible rather than replacing it, especially if the replacement item isn’t produced in the UK. Reducing Co2 and being as environmentally friendly as possible is always a consideration for Trest. From buying milk in glass bottles from our local milkman to driving our vehicles as efficiently as possible we are always considering our impact on the environment. 



Trest aims to be as kind to the planet as possible aims to be carbon neutral.

Solar panels for electricity.

Ground source heating to provide heating in the offices.

All company clothing to OCS certified organic cotton were possible.

Reduce car journeys to a minimum by embraces video meetings and technology.

Local journeys will be done using electrically powered vehicles.

All packaging to be reused wherever possible to post out parts.

Suppliers vetted to ensure they are also doing what they can to protect the planet.

We can help our customers source replacement used parts for their existing fleet and offer an end of life option for their vehicles that guarantees all parts of a vehicle are recycled, reused or disposed of in the correct way.

A “nothing is too much attitude”. Trest will strive to do whatever is possible and necessary to ensure our customers are 100% happy with our products and services. We all know that nothing is perfect, but at Trest we believe perfection is an ever-moving goal, that we are all working towards. At Trest we want our customers to be able to talk to us about their requirements and trust that we will provide the best advice we can, even if it isn’t in our best business interests. Our customers can trust that if there is a problem, we will react accordingly and do everything possible to find a suitable solution in the least amount of time. We have a culture that the words ‘NO’ and ‘CAN’T’ should only be used after discussions with the team. At Trest the working day starts and stops with our customers; we go by the philosophy “if you are working, we are working”!

A culture that helps people grow both in and out of the workplace, a place where people are all working towards the same goal and receiving rewards for achieving it. Trest promotes not only a healthy work-life balance but also a healthy lifestyle. Trest strives to improve all aspects of the business year on year, to provide the most up to date and enjoyable working conditions. We will listen to what our employees deem as important within the workplace and try and implement wherever possible.

At Trest we understand that life doesn’t always go to plan and sometimes support can be required through the ups and downs that life throws at us. Trest will provide an environment where its team can laugh and cry together, knowing that the company always has their best interests at heart.

Trest will treat its suppliers with the same respect as its customers and will work in partnership with them to ensure that the best possible outcome for both parties is achieved. At Trest, we know that things don’t always go to plan, but we understand that open and honest communication is key to fixing challenges and establishing strong and trusted business relationships.