In a world where excess often overshadows necessity, the issue of food waste has reached alarming proportions. It’s now estimated that a third of the food produced globally goes to waste.

It’s a staggering figure and a huge proportion of this goes into landfill. At Trest we believe reducing food waste is crucial to tackling many of the environmental issues we face, this is why we added the Azimut food waste vehicle to our range of new vehicles we supply.

Why Reducing Food Waste Matters

The consequences of food waste extend far beyond the mere disposal of leftovers. Environmentally, it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, strains our already burdened natural resources, and fuels climate change. Economically, the losses are felt by consumers and businesses alike. Moreover, the social impact is stark, exacerbating world hunger when there is plenty that could be shared.

The Role of Technology in Food Waste Reduction

Technology is a powerful ally in the fight against food waste. Innovations in production processes have had a huge impact on reducing food waste in factories that make all kinds of products.

In addition to this, technology used during the growing and harvesting of crops means that harvests are done using less water, nutrients and tending, again reducing overall CO2 emissions.

The Azimut

Despite the use of technology and improved processes in production, food waste is still high. Factories, restaurants, schools and hospitals all contribute massively to this waste.

Trest selected the Azimut as our new food waste vehicle of choice. The Azimut has offers reliability and speed with the option of a battery powered electric pump that works alongside the vehicle’s engine. Want to find out more – click here <>

In addition to the Azimut we are able to source other new and used vehicles that can be used for food waste collection. Please contact us for more information.


The imperative to reduce food waste is more pressing than ever and we must work as an international community to reduce it. We are at a juncture where our actions can make a significant difference. As consumers, as businesses, and as a society, we must rally against the inertia of waste.

For more information about the Azimut or Trest’s range of modern waste collection vehicles, please contact us today.